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Mm in the end what kind of real hair wigs style is the most fashionable and beautifying? That is jojot in pear head buckle in the long hair Oh, why do I say, continue to browse You'll see..Welcome to the energy-saving type channel, this is the history of pear head most plastic Yan in buckle hair style is recommended to you, want to make myself look more stylish and thin, the hair can you do?In the long real hair wigs in the pear after removal of a fashion is very sweet, shave, especially in the tail are inserted after pruning, it can lengthen your face to the neck line, let you of the hitherto unknown thin.From the ears began curling hair showing a curly wigs  and buckle radian, folds, very layered, with little playful and elegant, supple forehead bangs in vertical very cheek, and cover the meat, the whole hair style is very plastic face.Fashion and styling bangs with a sense of good air, close to the trend, in the long length of the inner buckle hot pear modified mm perfect from the face to the shoulder line, can also increase your charming sense, let your woman out of all.Irregular boundary points pear head with distinctive personality, give people more fashionable and casual feeling within the buckle in the long hair of medium length, simple and neat, beautifying degree just good, after admiral hair coloring, deep brown linen yellow hair color is very special, especially fashion.This is a very suitable for young mm in pear head buckle in the long real hair wigs , its design is different in the fringe tradition, joined the Korean elements, became the most in character in bangs, plastic Yan I also very fashionable, let your hair bangs to the human hair extensions tail are very stylish.Always hear people say I very cute round face, round face was tender, but if the real hair wigs did not choose to face, it is easy to change the “fat face” Oh, here to introduce several suitable moonfaced woman’s hair, save your “face”, do not come to see.Style 1 Meng Qi Liuhai covered his forehead, real hair wigs burned off the inner buckle shape, face more delicate, short hair just to the chin length, live cheek meat, let the girl look affinity full.Style 2 the short real hair wigs is also very suitable for a round face girl, 37 bangs very show temperament, easy collocation on both sides of the real hair wigs to outline the delicate face, red Hair Coloring looks stylish and beautiful.
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